The moth flies away. Who knows what will happen to it now?\n\n<<set $moth = "live">>\n<<set $hillvisit = "yes">>\n[[Back|previous()]]
Forest surrounds you on both sides. this is largely undevelopable land, which is likely why they chose it as a place to build bike trails.\n\n[[There is an odd looking concrete arch to your left|Concrete Structure]]\n\n[[There isn't much else to do out this way, I'm going back.|Bike path entrance]]
A local park with playgrounds, a baseball diamond, and soccer fields, and batting cages. A path goes through here and it's never lit at night.\n\n[[Continue through the park until you get to the bike paths.|Bike path entrance]]\n\n[[Let me go back the way I came.|School Entrance]]
The locks are a large concrete structure that largely get used as a bridge over the [[Holland river]]. A 50-year-old guy died trying to take his kayak through them. It's covered in some impressive [[graffiti.|graffiti]]\n\n[[Cross the locks over to the eastern bike paths|Bike Path East]]\n\n[[Let me go back the way I came.|previous()]]
You are standing on the front step of my parent's house. You adventure begins as all of mine did.\n\n[[The only place to go from here is down the driveway, to the street.|Sunnypoint]]\n\n<<set $hillvisit = "no">>
There is a mural of a praying monk, but it's mostly tags; names like 'bolonii', 'riptyde', 'blind seamstress', and 'thuggy bear' written in a variety of colourful ways.\n\n[[Interesting.|previous()]]
The entrance to some tunnels, hidden in the nearby trees. I found them as teenager by following where the rainfall flowed (a similar technique was used by grave erobbers in in Ancient Egypt). I think they were used for pumping water in an older iteration of the hydro system; now they've been cracked open by the roots of a very old tree.\n\nThey're big enough for a human to crawl around inside. Do you want to enter them?\n\n[[Sure I do|Tunnel Interior]]\n\n[[I don't think that's a good idea|Bike Path East]]
An old man once told me this used to be the only place you could cross the river for miles. He said he used to climb over it, but he might have been exaggerating; it's must be three storeys tall.
Meadowbrook is a public school, kindergarten to Grade 8. It was the closest school to me, but I was bussed across town for most of my childhood. It's a brown brick building. There's a hill and a couple basket-ball courts.\n\n[[I'm going to climb up the hill.|Meadowbrook Hill]]\n\n[[I'm going to leave the way I came.|School Entrance]]
The moth is crushed into a fine white powder. It looks like icing sugar in your hand. How was it ever alive?\n\n<<set $moth = "dead">> \n<<set $hillvisit = "yes">>\n\n[[Back|previous()]]
This is where you get onto the bike trails. They are named the Tom Taylor trails, after the mayor that had them built. Before they were paved, they were called the 'Nokidaa' trails, and you can still see some signs referrring to them that way.\n\n[[Follow the bike trails west.|Bike Path West]]\n\n[[Follow the bike trails east, to the locks.|Locks]]\n\n[[Let me go back the way I came.|Bayview Park]]
It's very wet here, and very dark. You can still see some light from where you crawled in.\n\n[[This is terrifying & claustrophobic. I'm out of here|previous()]]\n\n[[Keep crawling|Tunnel deep]]
It's completely pitch dark now.\n\n[[Let me out of here!|Secret Tunnel]]\n\n[[Keep crawling.|Tunnel light]]
A filthy little stream. Once upon a time, some city planners began building these locks on it, imagining they could transform the town of Newmarket into a bustling port town. Unfortunately, it turned out the Holland river was too shallow to support shipping traffic. Legend has it that they kept building the locks for two years after they realised they could never use them, unsure of what to do.\n\n[[Neat story.|previous()]]
Ian Bondy
Places I Used to Go When I Was Younger and Lived Somewhere Else
You can see a warm light up ahead.\n\n[[Keep crawling|Blind seamstress]]\n\n[[This is creepy, I'm crawling out!|Secret Tunnel]]
You're on Sunnypoint Drive, the street where I was raised. I spent seventeen years living here. Most of the people who live here commute to work in Toronto.\n\n[[Let me walk down the street a little.|School Entrance]]\n\n[[Let me go back the way I came.|previous()]]
On top of the hill there is nothing but grass.\n<<if $hillvisit eq "no">>\nA moth lands on your hand.\n\n[[I let it go.|Moth Alive]]\n\n[[I close my hand and kill the moth.|Moth dead]]\n\n<<endif>>\n<<if $hillvisit eq "yes">>\n[[Walk back down the hill|Meadowbrook]]\n<<endif>>
All around here is grass and marsh. There is some queen anne's lace; I ate some of it once and it tasted bitter. There's a pond nearby, and the secret tunnels I found one time.\n\n[[Go to the pond.|Pond]]\n\n[[Eat some queen anne's lace.|Lace]]\n\n[[Keep walking down the trails|Tower base]]\n\n[[Secret tunnels? That sounds amazing; take me there!|Secret Tunnel]]\n\n[[Let me go back the way I came.|previous()]]
You climb up the steps of the rickety structure until you reach the top. The initials of highschool sweethearts are carved into the guardrails. You can see all the area around: trees, rushes, cars driving down the highway, the subdivisions we came from, the river, everything.\n\nYou can see a large plume of smoke rising several miles to the north.\n\n[[Let me climb back down.|previous()]]
You crawl into a room lit by candllight. The ceilling is not high enough to stand. A woman without eyes sits an antiques spinning wheel. A white moth lands on her face. <<if $moth = "dead">> It can't be the same one, can it? <<endif>> \n\n[[Get me out of this place.|Secret Tunnel]]
You eat the root of the plant and it tastes bitter. Did you think I was kidding?\n\n[[Jeez, I just had to see for myself.|previous()]]
A small pond surounded by rushes. I used to collect tadpoles and other pond animals here for my vivariums. Nothing much lives here, anymore. The water used to be clear, but now it is green with algae.\n\n[[Gross.|previous()]]
Further down the street, there is a small alleyway that leads into the school. Going further down the street will take you to Bayview Park\n\n[[Go to Bayview Park.|Bayview Park]]\n\n[[Go into the School.|Meadowbrook]]\n\n[[Let me go back the way I came.|Sunnypoint]]
There is a wooden tower here, about two storeys tall.\n\n[[Climb it.|Tower]]\n\n[[Let me go back the way I came.|Bike Path East]]